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Church Disaster Preparedness

BELFOR has established strong relationships with insurance companies who serve faith-based properties, and we use a team-based approach by working closely with congregations throughout the recovery process.

From hymnals to organs, stained glass windows to church bells, we help religious institutions recover from the physical and emotional loss of disaster. Make BELFOR part of your faith-based organization’s or church’s disaster preparedness plan for:

  • Religious Institutions
  • Diocese and Congregations
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Contents and Artifacts
  • Organs and Equipment

Why Is Disaster Preparedness Important In Churches?

Damage from a disaster such as a flood or fire can be devastating to faith-based properties and the surrounding community. In addition to structural damage to the building causing a loss or interruption of services, damage to a church can also impact precious contents including religious artifacts and documents.

The physical and emotional toll of damage to a church can be significant, so having a church disaster plan is necessary to ensure quick and efficient recovery should an incident occur in a religious institution. Being prepared and having a disaster plan in place will ensure documents and precious artifacts can be salvaged and restored, and the church can be returned to full functionality as quickly as possible, minimizing the overall impact on the church, congregation and community.

How Can BELFOR Help Following Church Fire or Water Damage?

At BELFOR, we have many years of experience in disaster management, and have proven efficiency and success in helping churches and religious institutions recover after a flood, fire, storm, or other disaster occurs. Our expert team can help with internal and external church damage recovery, including:

  • Church water damage including water extraction
  • Church fire damage including reconstruction services, smoke and soot removal, deodorization, and structural cleaning
  • Storm damage
  • Internal contents restoration
  • Document and media recovery

Creating A Church Disaster Plan

Having a church disaster plan in place is a must to ensure any emergencies are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Fast recovery is key – this is where the expert teams at BELFOR can help. With extensive experience in everything from flood damage and fire damage to contents restoration, making BELFOR part of your church disaster preparedness plan minimizes loss to your facility and disruption to the community.

Should the worst occur, we’re by your side. Just call our 24-hour Emergency Hotline at 800-856-3333 to see how we can help.



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