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Disaster Planning for Libraries and Archives

Any kind of disaster can be devastating for businesses and the community alike, and at BELFOR, we understand the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and resources. If you experience an archive or library disaster or emergency, you need a name you can trust to help you recover.

BELFOR is considered a leader in the recovery and restoration of historic properties, documents, archives, contents, and special collections. We can help with disaster and damage recovery in:

  • Libraries
  • Archives
  • Museums
  • Special Collections

What is Disaster Management Planning in Libraries and Archives?

In any business, damage caused by a disaster can have a huge impact on employees and the community. In a library or archives, having a disaster management plan in place is vital should the worst occur. Being prepared with a library disaster recovery plan and taking immediate, effective action in the case of damage will not only prevent precious collections or archives from being lost but will ensure the business recovers quickly and the impact on property, staff and the community is minimized.

How Can BELFOR Help Following an Archive or Library Disaster?

BELFOR has many years of experience dealing with disaster management and recovery in cultural and historic properties and business. Our team can help with archive and library disaster recovery in the event of:

For libraries or archives, damage from water extends beyond structural damage and can have a huge impact on the contents of the building. At BELFOR, we can help with both external damage and internal contents damage in libraries or archives. Our expert team has developed specialized restoration techniques for books and documents, and we have experience preserving and restoring precious, one-of-a-kind collections and returning them to useable condition.

Implementing A Library Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster preparedness in libraries is a must and it is extremely important to be prepared for any eventuality. Having a disaster recovery plan in place will help you deal with any emergencies quickly and efficiently, allowing you to recover from any challenges faced.

The first step of preparation is knowing when to bring in the experts. At BELFOR, we have extensive experience in everything from flood damage to fire damage, and we’re always on hand to help. Just call our 24-hour Emergency Hotline at 800-856-3333 to see how our team can assist you.


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