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Marine & Offshore Restoration Services

Operating within the Marine and Offshore industry requires specialist knowledge, skills and expertise. For almost 35 years, BELFOR has managed all types of losses, onshore and offshore in the marine industry. Our team of industry experts and specialists have developed a strong reputation for recovery services after marine flooding, fire, salvage, preservation, technical re-conditioning and condition based maintenance.

Our clientele include ship owners and operators, insurers, surveyors, salvage companies, shipyards, port authorities, manufacturers and suppliers.

If a ship is damaged by fire, water, forces of nature or collision, it is important to act quickly to avoid longer delays or cargo failures. As a "storm-tested" refurbishment partner, BELFOR Marine teams are quickly on board to minimize business interruptions.

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Answering The SOS Call

When we receive your "SOS call,", an experienced project manager will set off immediately in order to be on board your ship as soon as possible. They analyze and prioritize the damage and, following consultation, will immediately implement the necessary emergency measures to minimize or avoid interruptions to operation and subsequent damage.

At the same time, they will generally take on coordination of and communication with all those involved in the damage – from the ship’s crew to the insurance company.

We offer a broad range of services including:

Neutralization and Decontamination

Combustion of plastics can generate hydrogen chloride (HCl), which in combination with extinguishing water and particularly salt water, condenses and leaves visible corrosion on metal surfaces within a few hours. BELFOR will neutralize conditions, recommend decontamination, and begin the professional removal of soot, corrosion and toxic hazardous materials.

Even technical equipment, spare parts and tools that appear to have survived the fire or water damage on board without problems may have been affected by corrosive or toxic substances, and the speed of corrosion is increased by salty sea air. The quickest and most effective methods to clean and fully de-rust them are mobile ultrasound cleaning tanks.

Electronics - Switch On Fast Again!

Control cabinets and electronic systems, such as controls in the engine room and on the bridge, are among the most sensitive and sometimes also the most expensive items on board. That is why BELFOR uses particularly gentle decontamination processes for the restoration of electronic components.

  • Dry selective process
  • Wet selective process
  • Generator cleaning

Sail In Calm Waters When Disaster Strikes

From biohazard cleaning and disinfection, to decontamination of engines and control systems. BELFOR is your marine restoration partner of choice. 

Regardless of whether it is on land or the high seas, BELFOR is ready to return your marine and offshore operation to full speed. Call BELFOR at 800-856-3333 for the rescue!

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