800-856-3333 24-Hour Emergency Hotline

Our RED ALERT® Emergency Response Program delivers the utmost level of disaster readiness for our business clients on a local, national or international level.

The response and actions taken during the first 12-48 hours following a disaster may be critical in determining whether your business fully recovers. Partnering with a proven company like BELFOR can mean the difference between effective operational recovery and loss of equipment, resources and customers.

Emergency Planning

The RED ALERT service is structured to work with your own emergency procedures so, that when disaster strikes, the RED ALERT three-stage action plan can be initiated with speed and effectiveness:

  • Stabilization – to make the premises safe and secure and to prevent further damage.
  • Assessment – to assess the extent of damage, determine priorities and coordinate an action plan.
  • Mitigation and Restoration – structured recovery process to restore your facility and equipment and your business to full operational readiness.

Before a disaster stikes, we do a thorough survey of your critical systems, facilities and vital records. We can often recommend practical, proven steps to prevent or solve potential problems before they become reality.

Immediate Action

One call to our 24-hour hotline - operated by our very own Contact Central in the U.S. - activates RED ALERT. Your BELFOR account representative will be notified immediately and BELFOR will send an experienced team directly to your site within four hours in most cases.


RED ALERT® Basic ♦♦♦♦

BELFOR offers two levels of RED ALERT service. The benefits of RED ALERT BASIC include:

  • Priority response over non-RED ALERT clients for area-wide disasters (catastrophes).
  • 24-hour response through The Contact Central hotlines.
  • Immediate telephone response after you report the incident.
  • Rapid response to your site to inspect and advise on damage control.
  • Written scope within 24 hours of site visit.
  • Dedicated Account Manager assigned to your account.
  • Review of your business continuity plans.
  • No call-out charges in cities where we have a presence.
  • Available on local and regional basis only.

RED ALERT® Premium Plus ♦♦♦♦

  • Retainer-based program.
  • Same as RED ALERT Basic with the addition of three site familiarization surveys.
  • Priority over all other non-RED ALERT Premium Plus clients during area-wide disasters (catastrophes).

To Find Out If The RED ALERT® Program Is The Right Solution For Your Business, Contact:

Theresa Williams