Flooding. Fires. Windstorms. Hundreds of thousands of clients rely on BELFOR Property Restoration each year to rebuild their lives, homes, and businesses.  We're Restoring More Than Property.

With BELFOR specialists in every major metropolitan area in the USA ready to respond 24/7/365, we provide the fastest, highest quality service that's unmatched in the industry.

The right response team can mean the difference between recovery and total loss. In the midst of chaos, you need an experienced company with a proven track record and solid relationships with leading insurance providers.  Stay calm. Call BELFOR.


Innovation in Restoration - MCH Center For Women & Infants

BELFOR has received the prestigious Phoenix Award from the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) for its innovative restoration work at the MCH Center For Women & Infants in Odessa, TX.  The Phoenix Award for Innovation in Restoration and Reconstruction recognizes high achievement in the area of disaster restoration.  BELFOR Property Restoration, BELFOR Technical Services and DUCTZ, another BELFOR company specializing in air duct cleaning, joined forces for the recovery effort. The building was re-certified for patient care by Texas Department of Health, and reopened for patient care in just five weeks after a fire caused heavy smoke and water damage.

BELFOR CEO Featured In Wall Street Journal

As a business executive, a handshake or pat on the back can be a simple way of welcoming staff members. But, when you’re truly committed to connecting with each employee, a sincere hug can make all of the difference. With over 7,400 employees worldwide, BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen makes a routine effort to acknowledge and encourage his workforce, and proudly embraces countless employees with a heartfelt hug.
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