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Commercial Disinfection Services

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world in 2020, we’ve all been met by new challenges that have changed the way we live our lives and interact with other people. Washing hands, using sanitizing hand gel and cleaning surfaces have moved to the forefront of our minds as we try to avoid infection and reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

At BELFOR, we have years of experience in providing disinfection and cleaning services. Not only that, but we’re also experts in disaster recovery, helping people and businesses recover from events that have the potential to disrupt our lives.

To request urgent COVID-19 disinfection services, or any other BELFOR services, call our 24-hour emergency number at 800-856-3333.

Why Do I Need Disinfectant Cleaning Services?

Disinfectant cleaning services are an important way to ensure that homes and businesses are healthy environments. A disinfectant deep clean should involve the cleaning of all surfaces, whether touched or untouched, and remove bacteria from the building. Disinfection services differ from regular cleaning in that they’re designed to remove up to 99.9% of microbes, such as bacteria and viruses, that can live on surfaces and cause a potential health risk.

Professional disinfecting services are an important part of the recovery services involved after a fire, flood, storm or any incident that causes a potential health threat. In the wake of COVID-19 and the Delta variant, these disinfectant cleaning services have become more important than ever.

BELFOR’s Professional Disinfecting Services

With years of experience in disaster recovery and emergency response, BELFOR has the knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively disinfect your buildings. BELFOR offers disinfection services for buildings and facilities exposed to contamination caused by fire, water, storms, mold, hazmat accidents, and infectious materials.

Our proven procedures for professional disinfecting services are the result of years of experience and knowledge. Because we provide both disinfection and removal of biohazardous contamination, our methods are more effective than simple cleaning procedures and set us apart with industry-leading standards.

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Sanitation Services from BELFOR

Since the outbreak of COVID-19,  and with the more contagious transmission of the Delta variant, we’ve been working tirelessly to respond to the public health threat by using our knowledge of disinfecting services. 

To request BELFOR’s sanitation services or any of our other services, just get in touch using one of the following: