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Industrial Cleaning Services

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many challenges for businesses, particularly those with commercial property. New obstacles are being met every day by business owners and hygiene standards are more important than ever.

At BELFOR, we have years of experience dealing with large-scale incidents and the resulting challenges they cause. That is why we’re the perfect choice to help your business keep going during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond with our commercial cleaning services.

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Professional Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Business

Our business is helping people and organizations when they are most in need. We have helped in recovery efforts following hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and much more. For businesses, we understand that the most important thing during or in the aftermath of incidents like this is to be able to continue working and functioning. That is why industrial cleaning and the help of professional commercial cleaning services is so important.

COVID-19 and the more contagious Delta variant has changed the way most people and all businesses view hygiene. When it comes to providing customers and employees with a disinfected environment, BELFOR is committed to using our expertise in commercial cleaning to enable business continuity.

What is a Commercial Deep Clean?

A commercial deep clean is designed to help clean and disinfect every part of your business premises. This means using special equipment and cleaning agents to remove bacteria, pathogens and viruses from all surfaces, including floors and walls. We’ve been offering commercial deep clean services for many years and have done so in the wake of many different events and disasters.

How Commercial Cleaning Works

Our commercial cleaning services are the result of years of experience in commercial cleaning and disaster recovery. We help ensure that, following a potential outbreak, your business can continue to function safely and securely during this public health crisis.

We use a botanical disinfectant. At BELFOR, we understand that commercial cleaning requires much more than just the effective cleaning of common touchpoints such as door handles and light switches.

What Sets BELFOR Apart From Other Commercial Cleaning Companies?

Unlike many commercial cleaning companies, BELFOR has years of experience in helping businesses get back up and running, with minimal impact on their daily business. We pride ourselves on being a commercial restoration company you can trust, making sure you’re aware of the plan for your business from the start of the cleaning and restoration process to finish.

Whether you’ve suffered damage caused by water, mold, fire, storms, or some other disaster, having a proven company like BELFOR on your side can help make all the difference when it comes to recovery of equipment and resources.

BELFOR is committed to working on the frontlines of a crisis and helping organizations minimize the disruption caused. We will continue to work to provide a disinfected environment both during and after, offering our experience and services in a range of different settings from contents restoration to air duct cleaning and beyond.


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