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Wind Energy

When we talk about power, it’s impossible not to think about the world’s demand for energy and the global trend towards renewable energies like wind power. As a rule, the larger the wind turbine, the more lucrative it is but also the more prone it is to problems! Once the warranty period expires, downtime, repair and failure costs are the responsibility of the operator. If things go wrong, both operators and insurers are dependent on a service team with short response times to keep downtime and failure costs to a minimum.

On land and at sea, BELFOR's industry-experienced wind restoration teams have been successfully restoring on and offshore wind turbines for more than a decade.


BELFOR never leaves you up in the air … because we hang around until the job is done!

Our wind power teams are generally comprised of six staff, including three Alpine climbers, two trained restorers and one crew manager. These compact teams offer the most flexibility with a minimal safety risk. All of the stages of the restoration project are agreed in close consultation with the operator and insurance provider and are documented from start to finish.

Our Services

  • Fire, oil and mold remediation
  • Restoration of all electrical and electronic components
  • Machine restoration and repair
  • Replacement of cables, platforms, entire conductor rails and control wiring harnesses
  • Cleaning of the inside of rotor blades
  • Cleaning of tower exteriors and rotor blades
  • Certified personnel capable of working at heights