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Key steps to getting up and running post COVID 19 lockdowns

We have collected key steps for businesses to getting up and running after COVID-19 related lockdowns and to avoid any damage when switching the lights on again:

Key Steps

Comprehensive checklist to minimise business interruption

But – in case anything goes wrong and a damage occurs, as business continuity experts, we have prepared a comprehensive checklist for you to follow:





Responding to COVID-19: A safe and secure return to work - Podcast

From offices and shops to hotels and manufacturing plants, risk and health and safety professionals have a difficult job to do. “It is all about motivating the people to return to their workplaces from mobile working," says David Hutcheson, a leading pandemic expert. But how can this be achieved considering the risks of the virus being brought into any building or facility? Elvir Kolak, CEO of BELFOR Europe, the world’s leading restoration company, suggests: “You can avoid contracting the virus and limit the risk of an infection by regular precautionary disinfection.”

BELFOR Disinfection Services help protect people and minimise disruption

BELFOR provides solutions to a wide range of incidents that present all types of challenges. For biological contamination this ranges from precautionary measures to complete substantial rebuilding concepts. We use specialised disinfection agents and appropriate techniques to ensure a proper disinfection, reducing the number of pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viruses. After disinfection no infectious material or other harmful residues are left behind. Our expertise helps to overcome most challenges. ​

Are you interested to learn more about disinfection? Learn more about our services around disinfection or check out our series "Knowledge by BELFOR" where our Head of Laboratory, Dr. Christian Pehlken, answers 24 questions around disinfection. Simply follow us:


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