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Restoration is the key step to undo damage and to prevent consequential damage: Structural damage is restored and moisture is completely removed without leaving any traces, as are molds, contaminants, odors and dirt that were released during the damage. 

For debris and waste, we assure proper recycling and environmentally sound removal. And where needed, we take care of machinery de-installation, controlled deconstruction, or part or complete demolition.

As the world's no. 1 in damage restoration, BELFOR consistently offers a reliable set of quality standards for damage in industry, business and private households. These are technically and methodically trend-setting as well as fully compliant with guidelines.

Thanks to our well established procedures and experienced teams, restoration is carried out efficiently and professionally from one source. 

As a BELFOR client, you have an individual point of contact during the entire restoration process: your personal BELFOR damage manager. This ensures complete documentation and reporting, as well as a cost-efficient and a transparent way of working.

BELFOR thus restores buildings of all types, machinery, electronics and inventory to their original condition. Almost as if the damage never happened.

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