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Survey / Damage Assessment

In some cases, damage looks worse than it really is. Other times, damage that looks insignificant can hide substantial risks. That's why a quick and thorough damage assessment is BELFOR's first step in making your damage undone.

During the damage assessment, our experts already determine what needs to be carried out and in what order, thanks to their experienced approach and their use of the most modern technology and methods.

The BELFOR 360° damage scan is one of these methods. It creates a digital twin of the damage with precise documentation. All parties involved, such as loss adjusters and insurance companies, can now accurately evaluate the situation even without an onsite appointment.

Especially in the case of major and complex projects, our drones give a quick overview of the damage situation.

It doesn't matter which technology we use: With BELFOR, the worldwide no. 1 in damage restoration, you will always have a detailed overview and a reliable documentation of any damage.

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