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Machinery Restoration

Companies and organisations rely heavily on their machinery and plant to operate reliably and significant downtimes can not be tolerated.  Business critical process can be wiped out by the loss of a single item to an unexpected incident or disaster.

Machinery affected by incidents such as a fire or a flood can cause enormous disruption with lengthy timescales and significant costs associated with replacement or repair.  BELFOR experts have the technical knowledge, expertise and specialist resources however to restore and refurbish machinery following a disaster or mechanical failure…..often when you think its not possible.

With over 35 years experience BELFOR and its specialist Machinery Restoration & Repair sister company BELFOR DeHaDe have been recovering machinery of all types following disasters and incidents. Working with customers and machinery manufacturers alike BELFOR offers a complete suite of services for your critical assets:

  • Full machinery restoration
  • Plant restoration
  • Machine overhaul
  • Geometric overhaul
  • General & partial overhaul
  • Machine modernisation
  • Spare part production
  • Control refit
  • Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Maintenance

Place your trust in BELFOR to help recover your business critical assets and return you to normal quickly and effectively.