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Employee and customer transmission concerns? Disinfection solutions that meet your needs! We can help can protect people and minimise disruption.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created many different challenges for businesses and organisations across all sectors and regardless of size. The ability for employees to work safely and productively in a safe environment is a priority for all more than ever.  Managing the ongoing challenge to prevent contamination and transmission and provide reassurance in the workplace or your customer facilities, together with implementing plans to deal with COVID-19 related issues quickly and effectively presents an unenviable task.

BELFOR is on hand to support you with tried and tested solutions to meet your needs.  Our research & development experts have developed services in line with World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Control guidelines and approved by leading independent Hygiene Institutes. Using approved chemical disinfectants, a multi stage process, following rigorous Health & Safety protocol and using appropriate personal protective equipment, our specially trained operational staff are ready to deliver professional decontamination and disinfection services.

Our normal restoration and recovery services are primarily focussed on minimising interruption following damage to property an assets in all market sectors. Our specialist decontamination and disinfection services are no different. We will work with you to develop the most effective solutions that meet your individual needs, helping to keep your business running as normal as possible, with minimum disruption.

Offices, manufacturing and production facilities, hospitality and leisure, healthcare, education, utilities, offshore and marine…….leading global businesses and organisations trust BELFOR to prevent, protect and recover from Coronavirus.  We look forward to helping you.

Knowledge, experience and resources

BELFOR UK have been helping business of all shapes, sizes and types to recover after disaster has struck for over 35 years.  Our experience is unrivalled and we have experts with specialist knowledge to suit all Industry Sectors. At BELFOR we understand that getting your business back up and running quickly and effectively with minimal disruption is not only important it can be make or break.