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Building Decontamination

Damage from incidents caused by fire or water can be devastating. They can also be complex in their nature.  A professional approach to decontamination with accurate assessment and the use of correct processes and technical methods is critically important.  Not just to ensure any contamination is fully removed quickly and effectively but also to prevent secondary damage.

When done correctly decontamination and restoration can provide enormous cost and time benefits over rebuilding and replacement. With over 35 years experience BELFOR are experts in the field of specialist cleaning and decontamination.  We understand what is possible and just how to achieve the most effective results, returning you back to normal as quickly as possible.

At BELFOR we invest in continuous development of decontamination methods, techniques and specialist chemicals.  We have our own research and development laboratories ensuring our specialists use the latest technical procedures and restoration techniques.

BELFOR’s vast technical knowledge, expertise and resources are at your disposal when you need them most, helping you to recover quickly and effectively.