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Mould Remediation

Mould is often a result of secondary damage where the appropriate Immediate Measures have not taken place.  Mould can also be a result of a long term water damage caused by leaks, structural defects or inadequately restored water damage. Mould is not only unsightly, it can also pose serious health risks. Resolute and specific restoration action is therefore required to eliminate it.

BELFOR's specialist experts can offer assistance with every aspect of mould – from precise mould analysis and spore removal to complete remediation.

Our Mould Remediation Services include:

  • Analysis of the fungal attack, including a microbiological assessment where appropriate
  • Disinfection of all affected materials and objects
  • Drying affected areas
  • Removing contaminated carrier materials, such as wallpaper, wood, plaster, concrete
  • Thorough air purification
  • Final quality control

Do not take risks, place your trust in the BELFOR Team to help you recover and restore after mould damage.