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Leak Detection

Escapes of water damage are the most common cause of property damage in the UK. Damage can be obvious and easily identifiable when caused by an incident or catastrophic failure within a pipe, connection or appliance. A significant proportion of damages however are ‘hidden’ and can happen over a long period of time, making them difficult to trace or pinpoint. The level of damage caused from such leaks can also very often be worse, causing secondary damage issues such as mould and rot.

BELFOR offers specialist and professional Leak Detection services from a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced technicians for such problems.  Using a wide range of non-intrusive techniques and methods our experts can accurately pin point hidden problems and causes of damage quickly and cost effectively.

Our team of experts can then provide a fully comprehensive repair, restoration and reinstatement service to get you back to normal.

We will ensure all repairs are carried out to a high standard by qualified engineers, all affected areas are decontaminated and dried correctly by expert restoration professionals. We will then make sure all damaged areas are re-instated to their original condition by experienced and trusted trades people.

Our nationwide team of experts are experienced in providing solutions to all types of construction in residential homes through to large complex industrial sites.

Our Leak Detection Techniques include:

  • Technical Moisture Mapping
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Acoustic
  • Endoscopy
  • Salts Testing
  • Tracer Gas
  • Pressure Testing
  • Dye Testing