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Fire Damage

Fire and smoke can cause extensive damage to your home and your possessions. Depending upon the type of fire and the materials burnt, the resultant smoke can also vary in its make-up (e.g. dry or greasy). Heat pressures from the fire can also force smoke debris to travel throughout your home, contaminating surfaces and items causing both visible damage as well as strong odours. These factors will determine the methods and products needed to complete the works.

If not treated correctly smoke can cause secondary damage such as corrosion, staining and long-term odours. There may also be water damage caused by extinguishing materials which will need to be factored into our works (please refer to our Water Damage Section for more information).

Your BELFOR Technician will carry out a detailed assessment of the damage to determine what is needed to return you to normal as quickly as possible. Part of the initial recovery process may include 'Triage & Salvage', where we will identify and categorise areas and items which are restorable/unrestorable.

An important part of this process is to remove and dispose of unrestorable items and to protect both affected and unaffected items from further damage. This process may involve carrying out immediate measures such as initial cleaning and removing items away from the damage area or into safe storage. We may also carry out test cleaning of certain areas or items to determine if they can be restored successfully.

Fire and smoke damage often requires specialist decontamination, cleaning, and odour control. BELFOR uses a range of different methods and bespoke cleaning products to achieve this. If you have any questions about these or the cleaning and decontamination process, please talk to your BELFOR Technician.