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Electronics Restoration

Electronic assets are critical to any business and the impact of a loss can be devastating following a damage incident. With ever increasing technology and development, electronic assets are also becoming more valuable and more complex.  This can make replacement a high cost option with potentially long lead times for delivery.

……BELFOR can help.

Many years of in-house research and development and practical job experience means our experts have developed specialist restoration methods and procedures to completely dismantle, decontaminate and re-build. Quickly and effectively restoring damaged electronic assets which may otherwise be written off.

Trusted by and working in partnership with major manufacturers we have the ability to restore and recover some of the most highly sensitive systems used by the high-tech industry.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Manufacturing & Production Control Systems
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Medical Treatment & Research Equipment
  • Semiconductor Industry: front and back-end equipment
  • Scientific & Laboratory Equipment
  • Power Generation Control Systems
  • Aviation & Satellite Control Systems
  • Pharmaceutical & Food Production Equipment
  • Marine & Locomotive Control Systems
  • Audio & Video Equipment

When disaster strikes place your most critical assets in the safe hands of our specialist experts.