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Disinfection Services for Biohazards


BELFOR offers specially designed disinfection services for buildings and facilities exposed to contamination caused by fire, water, storms, mould, hazmat accidents, crime scenes, and infectious materials. We have been responding to disinfection and decontamination projects for over 35 years, providing disinfection services to a wide range of customers including schools, food production and healthcare facilities.

Our systematic processes, certified and approved by independent hygiene experts provide a combination of decontamination and disinfection of biohazardous contamination, making them more effective than simple cleaning methods. 

Use bespoke disinfection agents and market-leading techniques we can safely remove and eliminate pathogens like bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Our European research and development department has developed specific procedures, using approved disinfection agents and stringent Health & Safety systems and protocols to manage SARS-CoV-2 contamination.   

Our 3 stage approach:

  • Chemical fogging of contaminated spaces
  • Hand wiping of all surfaces with a focus on 'touch point' areas
  • Hand drying of all surfaces

Services can be provided for:

  • Re-occupation cleaning / disinfection
  • Regular precautionary / preventative cleaning / disinfection
  • Incident related disinfection 

Health & Safety:

  • Specially trained personnel & dedicated teams
  • Strict compliance with ECDC standards and safety regulations for our customers and employees
  • Rigorous control and maintenance programs for equipment and materials
  • Monitoring of clearances and qualifications
  • Continuous training of our specialist teams