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Latex Soot Removal (SRF)

Traditional dry or water based cleaning methods to remove soot contamination from surfaces may not always be possible or will deliver poor results.

After many years of internal research and development and practical project experience BELFOR has pioneered the development of an innovative, effective and non-destructive cleaning methodology.

Latex Soot Removal Film (SRF) is a specialist product unique to BELFOR particularly effective for situations where traditional cleaning methods just will not suffice. SRF is applied to contaminated surfaces in a liquid state providing maximum coverage. An incredibly versatile product it can be applied using a number of different techniques from brushing to spraying to achieve optimum results.

Once applied SRF is allowed to ‘cure’ into a solid yet flexible state, safely encapsulating all of the soot contamination.  SRF is then simply peeled away leaving no residue and a contaminant and dust free surface – returning it back to its original pre-incident condition.

It can also be used on many different types of surfaces from industrial structures to delicate fresco’s and fine art. Particularly effective on porous materials such as concrete, brick,  stone, plaster and wood SRF can penetrate the surface material to remove all traces of contamination.  SRF can also be used effectively on surfaces such as paint, plastic and metal.

Key Latex SRF benefits:

  • Quick to apply
  • Optimum surface coverage – especially porous surfaces
  • Encapsulates contaminants, dust, spores  – preventing cross contamination
  • Non-destructive
  • Non-corrosive
  • Almost water-free
  • Quick to remove
  • Environmentally friendly & non hazardous - easy to dispose of
  • Versatile – application methods and surface types

Put BELFOR’s innovation to the test and get back to normal quickly and effectively following a fire.