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Water Damage

Unfortunately, water can cause enormous damage to homes and possessions. Buildings can also take many days, even weeks to dry, depending upon the severity of the incident (e.g. the amount of water involved and how long it was in the property). Other factors such as the type of water damage, building construction. other works, and the outside environmental conditions can all influence the recovery programme.

Water can travel to many different areas in a home and moisture may penetrate deep into the building fabric or be trapped in wall and floor cavities and voids. As such it may be necessary to remove some fixtures and fittings (e.g. skirting boards, plaster board) to aid the drying programme. Certain types of water damage such as river flooding can also bring contamination into your home, which will need to be treated accordingly. We may therefore need to carry out detailed decontamination and cleaning of affected areas and items, as well as sanitising to remove contaminants.

Your BELFOR Technician will carry out a detailed assessment of the damage to determine what’s needed to return you back to normal as quickly as possible. We may need to install a range and combination of drying systems and equipment (e.g. Fans/Air movers, Dehumidifiers and Heaters) to dry your home back to its pre-incident condition. Where equipment is installed it is important to follow any instructions provided by your BELFOR Technician. Unless otherwise instructed, please leave equipment turned on at all times. This will help to ensure the drying process is completed as quickly as possible.

Throughout the drying process, we will monitor the drying progress. At the end of the drying programme, we will issue specific documentation to you and the relevant parties, certifying the drying process has been completed. If you have any queries or want more information regarding this aspect of the recovery, please talk to your BELFOR Technician.