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Water is a powerful force that can cause catastrophic damage to building structures and assets. Water damage can be caused by anything from a long term leak, an escape of water or a wide area flood.

The extent of damage can vary enormously too, and can depend on a number of factors:

  • Source of water (e.g. ‘clean water’ internal leak or ‘black water’ external contaminated flood water)
  • Type of incident (e.g. ‘vertical ingress’ from a storage tank or ‘horizontal ingress’ from external flooding)
  • Building fabric / construction type
  • Type of items / assets affected
  • Duration of the incident
  • Environmental conditions (e.g. external temperature)

BELFOR has over 35 years expertise in water damage restoration and drying.

Understanding just how properties and contents are affected by water damage and how they respond to drying is critical. Incorrect assessment and monitoring and inadequate or incorrectly installed drying equipment  can result in inefficient and prolonged drying programmes generating additional costs and delays. In extreme circumstances it can also cause additional and avoidable damage.

At BELFOR we operate a continuous programme of investment and development in our drying resources and training to deliver market leading solutions.  This ensures we use the ‘right tool for the right job, at the right time’.  Our experts have the technical knowledge and skills required to deliver the most effective drying solutions, helping you recover quickly and effectively following water damage.

BELFOR’s team of experts are on hand to offer a range of drying solutions, designed to get you back to normal quickly and effectively. Trust the experts and get it right first time.