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Take Control of Your Business Continuity Programme

When it comes to business continuity, you should know how essential it is to be prepared. With BELFOR’s BC+, you can let us take the wheel and unlock an outstanding amount of potential for your business continuity programme. No matter how comprehensive your programme is, with BC+, we can tailor a package specific to your needs. With industry professionals and a highly experienced team to lean on for support, there is no wonder why our clients are choosing BC+.   

Pandemics and health crisis, cyber-attacks and loss of reputation or brand value, supply chain disruptions, fires, major flooding and other weather events…….the next disaster might be just around the corner and could hit you sooner and harder than you think.

In an everchanging, unpredictable and increasingly dynamic world, BELFOR’s BC+ means you will be better prepared and more resilient. When disasters do happen, having the ability to get back on your feet and get back to normal quickly, has never been so important.

BC planning


BELFOR UK has teamed up with market-leading Business Continuity Consultancy,Glen Abbot Ltd, to offerRED ALERT® members tailored programmes are simple to maintain and easy to manage.

Take advantage of the unique, combined Business Continuity Industry expertise and Disaster Restoration and Recovery know-how and experience to:

  • elevate your strategic and management approach
  • put in place robust, fit for purpose plans
  • effectively train and test your personnel and your plans
  • accurately audit and maintain your overall Business Continuity programme



BC+ boasts many benefits offering a tailored combination of expert, practical and operational services with market-leading Business Continuity planning and management experience: 

  • Ensure complete alignment with all relevant industry regulations, guidance and standards.
  • Meet the challenge of keeping Business Continuity Management at the top of the agenda and implementing strategies with appropriate resources and support. 
  • Keep up to date with the latest risks and trends (e.g. Pandemic Planning) and stay abreast of the latest practices, innovations and solutions.
  • Expert and experienced support with analysis, design, implementation, review, and maintenance of BCM strategies, policies, programmes and plans, keeping them up to date, relevant and fir for purpose.
  • Practical help and facilitation of regular BCP training, testing and scenario exercises.   

As an existing RED ALERT® client, you will also benefit from discounted rates andadditional services.  


Taking out one of our RED ALERT BC+ packages couldn't be more straightforward. Select the relevant elements, level of support and the frequency that you need to meet your specific requirements. Whatever stage of development or level you are at we have a package that is right for you.

Our simple, straightforward, and flexible pricing approach ensures that you get the right package and support for you.

We understand that we operate in an era where businesses have to be dynamic, and their processes must be equally dynamic. This is why we offer such an open and flexible approach. With a simple all-inclusive day rate and service matrix to choose from, our BC+ packages allow you 'lock in' the resources you need to support your organisation and 'flex' them when needed.


We will help you select the resources and design the BC+ package that's right for your company. Our helpful and experienced experts are on hand to help and support you. 

Are you ready to take your Business Continuity Programme to the next level?Get in touch with the team, and add in BELFOR’s BC+.