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Have you ever met a superhero? Certainly not?

Each one of us has a hidden desire to be a hero……..but what exactly is a superhero? Thery usually have superhuman abilities or miracle weapons to protect humanity and fight evil. But there are also superheroes who don't have supernatural superpowers however. They wear overalls a dress or a suit and they use their powers in real catastrophes.  For us, our customers are also superheroes. By choosing us and our work on a daily basis and placing your trust in us, together we can save homes, shorten business interruptions and limit the extent of damage. So you too can wear the invisible cape.

Plants, machines, real estate, assets, stock, plans, documents and much more are critical to businesses. In the event of a loss, all these values are at risk. In addition business interruption can affect your company as well as your suppliers.

A major loss can quickly trigger a chain reaction and this is where our superheroes come into play: risk managers, insurance experts and customers who consciously choose BELFOR every day to recover from disasters. We cannot stop the forces of nature and the incidents that occur. But, by activating our forces, we can save homes and businesses. Fires, water damage or natural disasters are emergency situations when it is essential to call on the help of specialists. This is when the ‘other’ superheroes come into play: the BELFOR team. At the forefront of  losses, fighting the unexpected. No challenge is too big for them, because their priority is to save their customers' homes and livelihoods - come what may. At the end of the day they stand by the damage, their invisible cape blowing in the wind. Then they go home, take off their BELFOR uniforms and return to normal. The BELFOR team is ready for anything - but above all to give everything for our customers.

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