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STORM WARNING - Be prepared!

Now is the time to prepare yourself and make sure you are ready to minimise the potential for danger and damage.

Please see the Met Office website for the latest information and weather warnings, and sign up to receive severe weather email alerts for your location.

Please also see the following websites for the latest flood warnings, to receive alerts and flood warnings for your location and to get helpful advice to prepare for flooding:

Take the following precautions for your home or business:

  • Secure all windows and doors
  • Secure loose objects around your building (e.g. waste bins, containers, garden furniture, children's toys, trampolines, etc.)
  • Avoid places where you could be hit by objects carried by strong winds
  • Avoid parking vehicles near to houses or tall trees
  • Prepare for power and phone outages: have candles, matches, torches, spare batteries and independent charging systems to hand. Charge mobile phone in advance
  • Consider disconnecting sensitive electrical equipment such as computers or TVs from the mains or switch off the power supply completely
  • Locate and secure important personal documents in waterproof containers
  • Keep drains free of debris (e.g. leaves) and dirt to prevent blockages
  • Monitor your roofs and drains to be able to intervene where safe to do so in case of water ingress

If damage occurs due to heavy rain or flooding BELFOR is at your side, available with expert help, years of experience and technical resources to manage your damage and help you recover. When damage occurs acting quickly is important, not only to limit the extent of any damage but to also enable restoration and recovery. 

IMPORTANT: Always ensure that your personal safety and the safety of others is your top priority with any actions you take.

For advice and guidance when flooding occurs please see the following information: FLOODING - Emergency Measures & Recovery Actions

If your business has been impacted, we have provided some useful information in the Disaster Checklist.

In any case you should always inform your insurance company immediately and document damage with photos, videos etc.


What does BELFOR do?

Speed of response is critical, so we provide technical damage assessments by experienced specialists, using the latest technical processes and equipment.

Following water damage, we will look to undertake immediately, all emergency mitigation measures that are necessary to minimise and prevent secondary damage (e.g. mould), and facilitate a rapid recovery. Emergency mitigation measure may include: extracting remaining water, gross cleaning (e.g. removal of mud and silt), recovering and protecting items and assets, removing affected floor coverings, fittings and materials which are beyond repair, application of chemicals to prevent corrosion, installing temporary power, and installing drying systems to stabilise the environmental conditions. 

The main phase of the recovery would typically include detailed cleaning and decontamination followed by the complete drying and dehumidification of all affected areas, items and assets. Our Technicians use the latest energy-saving drying equipment, combined with expert knowledge and know-how to dry your property professionally.  As part of our 'end to end' solution we can then carry out any required repair and reinstatement works, returning you back to normal quickly and cost-effectively.

BELFOR has over 35 years of experience working with the insurance market, so will co-ordinate and liaise with your insurance provider where applicable.  We also work directly with a wide range of customers from all industry sectors. 

BELFOR is your single source solution for 'end to end' property damage recoveries – from assessment to reinstatement.