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Additional Services

Prepare, respond, improve

When it comes to managing real life disasters nothing beats experience. With over 35 years of managing disasters of all shapes and sizes we have this.

As a RED ALERT® member, not only will you have peace of mind when the worst happens, you can also benefit from our vast experience and take advantage of a range of pre-disaster and prevention services:

  • Familiarisation Surveys
    • Bespoke pre-loss site survey
    • Identify key processes, procedures and personnel
    • Identify key assets
    • Specific recovery advice and recommendations
    • Enables quicker and more effective recovery
  • Tailored Business Continuity Services
    • Policy and Programme development and management
    • Embedding Business Continuity across and throughout your organisation
    • Business Continuity Management 'Health Check'
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Testing & Exercising
    • Training
    • Annual review and audit, completing the Business Continuity life-cycle
  • Power Continuity
  • Flood Risk Surveys & Flood Defence Protection
  • Disaster Recovery Sites

If you would like to find out more about  RED ALERT®  please contact Sam Dawson – Commercial Sales Director +44 7770 226 269 / sam.dawson@uk.belfor.com