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Compliance and Whistle-Blower Report


Use the following form to help us take action against corruption and white-collar crime as well as human rights violations and environmental damage! Every indication of possible criminal offences and other reportable violations is important and helps to prevent damage.

Please give your report a descriptive subject:

Please describe the offence and your observations in as much detail as possible. Let you be guided by the following W questions:

  • WHERE and WHEN did the offence occur?
  • WHAT exactly happened?
  • WHO was involved in the offence?
  • HOW / WHY did the offence occur?
  • WHAT accompanying circumstances are relevant?
  • WHAT consequences did the offence have for you or those involved in the incident or society?
  • WHICH norm or regulation was violated?

Please provide region and/or site where the violation occurred

You have the choice of submitting the report anonymously or by stating your name and contact details. In the latter case, you can also decide whether your name is to remain known only to the external reporting centre and neutral persons in the selected region to maintain confidentiality and protect your person, or whether your name may also be passed on to the BELFOR site concerned for further enquiries. In any case, your name will only be passed on to the extent necessary to clarify the case.

I would like to submit the notification

Please note that we can only provide you with feedback on the measures resulting from your report if you provide your name and contact details. By providing your contact details, you authorise us to contact you if we have any queries that may help to clarify the case.

My name and contact details

Legal notice

Please note that even in the case of an anonymous report, personal data in the sense of GDPR, which is technically necessary, will be collected and may allow conclusions to be drawn about your person.

In all cases you are protected against unfavourable treatment or sanctions in accordance with the EU and local whistle-blower and employment laws, provided that you do not deliberately provide false or even defamatory information with your report. Information that denounces other persons or defames them against their better judgement may have consequences under civil or criminal law.


If you have provided an e-mail address, you will receive an automated transmission of the form data.