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During a time that’s being coined “The Great Resignation,” people across the country are reconsidering their current career paths. For many, this is the result of not feeling gratified by their daily work and valued by their employers. 

While some organizations may take this as a queue to ramp up recruiting efforts, BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen suggests that conversely, leadership should place an emphasis on showing gratitude to current team members. 

Below is insight into Sheldon’s core philosophies that can help companies improve retention and satisfaction among their workforce: 

  • Make It Personal: From personally thanking individuals for their contributions to handwriting birthday cards to all 12,000+ of the “BELFOR Family” members, Sheldon has found he can maintain a relationship with each of his team members through this personal touch. He also never hesitates to drop everything to help out a sick team member, attend a wedding or funeral, or talk to someone who is struggling. It’s important to remember that your team is more than just a revenue generator – they are the heart of your company and need to feel seen, heard and appreciated.

  • Just Be Nice: The greatest four-letter word in the dictionary is N-I-C-E. The best part is — it’s free! You may never know the kind of day someone is having, but a simple gesture – like saying “hello", holding the door open or asking how a colleague’s child, pet or friends are doing – can have a positive impact and create a company culture where employees genuinely enjoy going to work (whether virtual or in the office!).

  • Be Someone’s C.E.O.: While Sheldon encourages everyone he meets to be their own C.E.O. – short for “Cheerleaders, Enthusiasts and Optimists-in-Chief” – sometimes team members need someone to believe in them first. Don’t underestimate the power of mentorship – whether formal or informal – as a key avenue for fostering professional growth and empowering others to be the best version of themselves.

Sheldon believes a company’s greatest asset is its people. Lead with gratitude and you’ll see you can soar to new heights as a team and create a workplace where employees want to stay long-term.

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