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'Undercover Boss' Alum Pays Surprise Visit

BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen touched the hearts of millions worldwide in his Emmy nominated experience on the CBS reality show, "Undercover Boss". Shortly after airing in 2011, one of Sheldon’s biggest fans Aaron B., a Lowe’s employee in Tulsa, Oklahoma, began writing letters professing his love for the episode and how well the CEO treats his staff. Aaron also shares his admiration for Sheldon whenever BELFOR employees visit his workplace, and has since become pen pals with the company executive.

Over the years, Sheldon promised that one day the two would meet and through clever coordination, that day finally came. Disguised as "Tom Kelly", his undercover character on the show, Sheldon flew to Tulsa and gave Aaron the surprise of a lifetime. With family, friends and co-workers crowded around, cameras and reporters captured the heartwarming encounter. Read the endearing story in Tulsa World’s recent feature.

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