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Following the devastating landfall of Hurricane Ian, communities across the southeastern U.S. are now working through the rebuilding process. With countless homes and businesses throughout the region impacted by the storm's initial flooding, high winds and water damage, experts warn that residents should stay mindful of secondary hazards. 

With decades of experience in the post-disaster property restoration industry, BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen recently joined Accuweather to share expert insight and safety advice. He notes that mold hazards, lingering power outages and structural safety concerns should be taken seriously. Sheldon also emphasizes that property restoration professionals performing water extraction and dryingmold removal and remediation, and other repair services should ensure that building codes are up-to-date and for safety to always remain a top priority. 

As the CEO of the world's largest disaster recovery and property restoration company, Sheldon discusses the importance of working with licensed and reputable contractors. While it will take ample time and effort to fully restore communities impacted by Hurricane Ian, Sheldon and the hardworking team from BELFOR remain dedicated to leading the recovery efforts with expertise and compassion. Together, we will recover, rebuild and emerge stronger than ever.

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