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Catastrophe Response Teams Are Prepared For Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence will likely bring heavy rain, high winds and storm-surge flooding to the U.S. East Coast this week. Though the storm's wind speeds have dropped, making it a Category 2, officials are warning that Florence could bring up to 40" of rain and hurricane force winds to the coasts of South Carolina and North Carolina as well as the Mid-Atlantic region.

While damage from this storm will likely be devastating, BELFOR's 6 offices across the Carolina's are mobilizing personnel, equipment and resources to aid the impacted communities.These locations are also coordinating support from regional offices as well as BELFOR's National Catastrophe Response Team. Nearly 200 of BELFOR'semergency response personnel from across 20+ states have been dispersed across the region, with hundreds standing by in North America. BELFOR's 53-foot long, two-story high Mobile Command Center is currently en route to North Carolina containing vital resources such as gas, fuel, temporary generators, food, water and more. BELFORis committed to helping families, businesses and communities safely withstand Hurricane Florence and help make the aftermath recovery process easier.

Watch BELFOR CEO, Sheldon Yellen, discuss the company's preparation efforts:

"Over 60 percent of respondents do not have a disaster response..." via CNBC

"Preparing Hurricane Florence rebuilding efforts" via Fox Business

With over 5.4 million people under hurricane watches and warnings, we strongly encourage everyone in the storm's path to remain cautious and take direction from authority officials. If you are in need of assistance, BELFOR's Emergency Hotline is available 24/7 at (800) 800-BELFOR.

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