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Technical Service Center

The BELFOR National Technical Services Center in Austin specializes in semiconductor tool and facility decontamination. Located in the heart of "Silicon Hills," BELFOR is providing decontamination and restoration services to the growing market of tech companies and other major companies in the Austin area.

BELFOR Technical Services has extensive experience at decontaminating and cleaning semiconductor equipment, tools and parts to remove hazardous contaminants. When lead times to replace semiconductor tools and equipment are unacceptably long or financially difficult, we provide businesses with cost-effective options. BELFOR conducts a full assessment of the equipment's contamination by reviewing process gas and chemical lists, equipment operational status, and supporting documents. We use a variety of methods to verify contamination including, but not limited to, gas detection and surface wipe sample analysis.

BELFOR can provide turnkey services such as rigging, crating and transportation of tools. Shipping services are performed by BELFOR’s logistics partners as part of a turnkey solution.

We also provide facility decommissioning services for fabrication facilities that are being sold or relocated. For those closing down their operations, BELFOR can return the property to a marketable condition.

The Technical Service Center in Austin provides additional support to the Regional Technical Service Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The National Technical Services Team travels around the world to help assess and manage large recovery projects. The team, consisting of electrical and mechanical engineers as well as highly-trained certified technicians, has responded to some of the largest natural disasters in history.

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