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BELFOR Fresno Wins 2016 National Chrysalis Award

BELFOR Fresno was presented with the 2016 National Chrysalis Award for Commercial Insurance Restoration for returning a community treasure to its pre-loss glory.

The Hanford Fox Theatre, an historic 87-year-old building, suffered a partial ceiling collapse due to a bearing truss failure. BELFOR’s emergency restoration crews stabilized the structure and worked with a local Engineering firm to assess the damages and create a recovery plan. The team developed innovative, modern repair methods with careful attention to preserving the building’s historic integrity. Reconstruction and code upgrades were successfully completed allowing the Hanford Fox Theatre to resume its special place in the community!

To learn more about the 2016 Chrysalis Award, visit: http://www.chrysalisawards.com/remodeler/Belfor-Fresno/index.html

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