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In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) asked BELFOR Charleston for urgent help. To reduce stress to their patients and keep a large influx of potentially infected people from entering their main hospital and Ambulatory Care facilities, MUSC needed a mobile COVID-19 testing site erected immediately. Collaborative discussions between MUSC and BELFOR produced an initial design.

In less than 48 hours, BELFOR transformed a 3-acre parking lot in West Ashley, SC, into a large capacity, drive-through testing site. The site serves Charleston and surrounding areas -- approximately 325 cars a day, six days a week.

The site comprises:

  • 2,750 linear square feet of fencing, 2,500 feet of electric cable.
  • Traffic pattern designed with roadways barriers, cones, signage, emergency lanes and gates.
  • Black zone restricted area where only hospital personnel, patients and BELFOR staff are allowed.
  • Six stations with tables, chairs, tent and a refrigerator/freezer unit for test kits.
  • Large freezer unit where completed tests are transferred from smaller units for daily pickup.
  • 10 hand wash stations.
  • 3-stall shower trailer for decontamination.
  • Portable offices for nursing staff.
  • Bathroom trailer and four light towers.

BELFOR also brought one of their Mobile Command Centers to the site. The Command Center has a conference room, high-definition screens, 32 computer workstations, satellite communications, and more.

On a daily basis:

  • A large freezer containing completed tests is picked up and taken to the lab.
  • Daily hospital staff meetings take place in the BELFOR Command Center.
  • A small BELFOR team stays on-site for any needed maintenance.

During the first seven days of operation, the design was reviewed by the hospital team daily and tweaked by BELFOR for maximum efficiency.

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