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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center recently issued a notice that 2022 could be another “above average” year for hurricanes. If predictions are accurate, this would be the seventh year in a row with heightened activity. 

While the peak season for hurricanes is mid-August through late October, in recent years, severe weather events have occurred much earlier. With off-season storms becoming increasingly common, it’s more important than ever to ensure that individuals, families and communities understand how to prepare for and respond to potential weather-related emergencies.

Hurricane preparation tipsAs the world’s largest disaster recovery and property restoration company, our BELFOR team encourages everyone to remember:

  • Create a preparedness plan before disaster strikes. Plan at least two evacuation routes, as well as emergency “go” kits with basic items such as water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries and a whistle. Important paperwork – like birth certificates, medical records and passports – should be centralized in advance and kept in waterproof containers in convenient locations to quickly grab if needed.
  • Safety is the #1 priority – ALWAYS! Follow instructions from local officials and leave immediately if ordered!
  • If time allows, don’t forget to check around your house. Some commonly overlooked storm preparation tasks include clearing storm drains of debris, turning off electricity and gas/water lines before evacuating, and securing all outdoor furniture, toys and other lawn items that could become flying objects in strong winds. Addressing these things can help avoid more severe damage.
  • After the storm, do NOT try to start the cleanup yourself. Not only could this be dangerous, but it could cause further damage. Instead, property owners should document the damage with photos or videos and take inventory of the damage right away.

Following these steps to prepare before a hurricane or other severe weather event can help you feel more confident in an emergency. If you do find yourself in the path of a potentially destructive storm or dealing with its aftermath, we hope you take comfort in knowing that although disasters never clock out, neither does BELFOR. 

We are committed to repairing property damage with compassion and confidence. BELFOR team members take pride in our 75+ year dedication to “Restoring More Than Property” and are truly grateful to help communities when they need it most. 

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