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Sheldon Yellen Honors First Responders

BELFOR CEO Sheldon Yellen recently addressed the Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs (MAFC) at their annual summer conference in Boyne, Michigan. During his speech, Sheldon thanked the Michigan fire chief’s for their unwavering commitment in providing life-saving services to their local communities and beyond.

The four-day series of presentations and training sessions was concluded with a banquet and awards ceremony. The 2018 Fire Chief of the Year, an incredibly prestigious honor, was awarded to Midland Fire Chief Chris Coughlin.

Sheldon was surprised to learn that he was also among the evening’s award recipients. The association presented him with a personalized helmet and designated him as an honorary fire chief. As a company specializing in fire damage restoration services, it was a great honor to join so many distinguished first responders on stage.

Thank you MAFC for this esteemed recognition and special thanks to BELFOR’s Michigan team for helping to coordinate the event!

Photo Credit: WBFD Fire Marshal Byron Turnquist

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