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Our Equipment

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No other restoration company has a more sophisticated mobile fleet of emergency response vehicles and equipment than BELFOR. We own the largest fleet of restoration equipment in North America, including:

  • An extensive equipment inventory warehoused at BELFOR offices nationwide;
  • 30+ mobile warehouses of equipment; mobile document recovery chambers and freezer semi-trailers;
  • 3,500+ vehicles;
  • State-of-the-art BELFOR Command Centers.

All BELFOR equipment is cleaned, tested and verified after project use and prior to being restocked. Tested equipment is logged and tracked. If equipment is not mobilized for an extended period, it is taken out of stock, re-verified, logged and then placed back into stock ready for deployment.

BELFOR’s ability to scale up and deploy a massive arsenal of personnel, equipment and scarce resources in area-wide disasters is unequalled in the industry. Resources can be pulled from around the world to handle a huge number of commercial projects simultaneously.

BELFOR dehumidifier units ready to ship