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BELFOR CEO Handwrites Employee Cards

As the corporate executive of a billion-dollar company, one might expect flights across the state, country or world to be busy with crunching numbers, reviewing contracts and preparing for the next meeting. For BELFOR Property Restoration CEO, Sheldon Yellen, air time means taking care of not just business, but also employees.

Keeping up with over 30 years of tradition, Yellen ​travels with suitcases full of stationery and handwrites 7,400 birthday cards each year – one for every member​ of the BELFOR Family​. Notes not only include well wishes for the year ahead but often personal memories and stories. Thank you cards are also incorporated in the mix as Sheldon’s gratitude and appreciation for employees who go above and beyond rarely goes without notice.

He’s discovered that through the years this sincere gesture has created a one-of-a-kind company culture at BELFOR and allow​s ​people to make a meaningful connection with their CEO.

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