Environmental Services

BELFOR Environmental provides immediate response as well as non-emergency remediation for hazardous materials, chemical spills, lead paint and asbestos. The environmental team brings an average of 15 years experience in environmental services and handles 1600 projects on average every year.

  • Emergency Spill Response 
  • Land, structural, water-borne 
  • Chemicals, fuels, biohazards 
  • Highway, railroad, fixed facility Site Remediation 
  • Mass excavation - Structural decontamination & demolition
  • Construction of soil & ground water treatments 
  • Waste treatment & management Facility Services 
  • Asbestos & lead abatement 
  • Facility turn/decommission 
  • Process system decontamination & demolition 
  • Mold remediation 
  • Tank cleaning, removal & demolition 
  • Structural decontamination 

The following services are also provided:

Transportation of medical waste and special waste
Truck transport
Chemical, biochemical, biological, bacteriological research and analysis
Environmental testing and inspection services
Evaluation and testing of real estate for the presence of hazardous material

BELFOR’s Executive General Estimators™ and General Estimators™ bring unique expertise to all of the above mentioned services.

   Environmental Services Brochure