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December 2016
Whether it’s an unexpected earthquake, a terrible house fire, or a devastating hurricane, disasters can strike at any time and can happen to anyone – they don’t discriminate. We recently conducted a… Read More
December 2016
Deck The Halls With Safety! Festive decorations are a great way to get your home, yard or office in the holiday spirit! As you hang your ornaments and string up the lights, it’s important to take spe… Read More
November 2016
The kitchen is the heart of the home for many families during the holiday season. With all of the preparations and excitement going on, keeping fire safety top of mind is essential. Most home fires ar… Read More
October 2016
BELFOR Catastrophe Response Teams Prepared For Hurricane Matthew Category 4 Hurricane Matthew continues to gain momentum off of the southeast U.S. coast. Storm surges, heavy rain, high winds and powe… Read More
July 2016
BELFOR Fresno Wins 2016 National Chrysalis Award BELFOR Fresno was presented with the 2016 National Chrysalis Award for Commercial Insurance Restoration for returning a community treasure to its pre-… Read More
June 2016
How to Make People Your Hiring Priority "Hiring isn't just about the questions being asked by the company or the qualifications listed by the candidate -- it's about people." – BELFOR CEO Sheldo… Read More
April 2016
An estimated 240 billion gallons of rain has drenched Houston, Texas this week. With rising rivers, malfunctioning drainage systems and extensive damage caused to local homes and properties, water dam… Read More
March 2016
Friendship Circle, a non-profit organization providing assistance and support to individuals with special needs and their families, recently celebrated the 5th annual Great Bike Giveaway. Through the… Read More
March 2016
From hurricanes to earthquakes, burst pipes to wildfires, natural disasters affect companies and communities worldwide each day. Storm-impacted areas can create unpredictable circumstances such as tra… Read More
December 2015
Mudslide deposit and burst sewer pipe debris lined the streets after recent flooding left many Northwest roads impassable. Thousands of residents faced power outages and many endured property damage.… Read More