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Cleanroom Decontamination Work

Cleanroom Decontamination Work

The cleanroom is an essential facility for the semiconductor manufacturing process. But it is also sensitive to particulate and airborne molecular contamination and prone to contamination from chemical spill/speciality gas leaks into the cleanroom environment.

If no action is taken to mitigate such exposure, over time this condition will permeate the whole cleanroom environment from cross-contamination. This could result in losses due to defective products being produced and/or poor yield under such a contaminated environment. And the bad news is the cause(s) will be difficult to trace.

To return a cleanroom to its designed environment parameter after a contamination incident, the restoration work requires a thorough understanding of the specific cleanroom environment parameter and a high level of experience/knowledge about precision decontamination.

BELFOR specializes in precision decontamination of cleanrooms and has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in successful decontamination of cleanrooms of various industries e.g. semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, optics, precision machines and fine tooling.