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BELFOR's One-Stop-Shop turnkey solution for tool/equipment, The scope of services provided include:

Contamination Assessment

BELFOR will review the tool/equipment process gas and chemical utilized, tool/equipment operation status, and supporting documents (where available); to determine the likely contaminant presence.

Tool/Equipment Decontamination

BELFOR will decontaminate the tool/equipment/ancillary support equipment per the OEM's documented procedure when available, to meet SEMI guideline criteria. After the decontamination work, an assessment will be done on the decontaminated too/equipment and the test results will be documented by BELFOR in the form of a Decontamination Declaration Document.

Parts Decontamination

As technology advances with the reduction in circuit critical dimensions, it is becoming increasingly crucial in the cleanliness of fabrication parts and related components utilized in the manufacturing of quality products.

BELFOR provides a range of fabrication parts and related components cleaning solutions, allowing wafer manufacturing operations to outsource this important and crucial activity.

Rigging/Crating and Transportation Services

BELFOR can provide turnkey services, which include rigging, crating and transportation of tool(s)/equipment(s). These services are performed by BELFOR's logistics partner(s).

Transportation Regulation Compliance

Semiconductor tool/equipment and related components which have already been exposed to process gases, chemicals and other residue are routinely transported on a global basis. Typically, this occurs when tools/equipment/related components are moved internally or being moved and/or sold to an alternate location.

Contaminated tool/equipment/related components can pose considerable safety risks, both during transportation and upon arrival at the final destination. Hence, these are often treated as dangerous cargo (hazardous goods) and incurs higher transportation cost due to the stringent transportation regulation requirement.

BELFOR provides the above One-Stop-Shop solution to assess, decontaminate, and provide certification which declares the status of the tool/equipment/related component to freight forwarders, transportation regulatory authorities and to the party receiving the tool/equipment/related component, which complies with the current revision of the SEMI S12 Guidelines.

Clients can now decontaminate and transport their semiconductor tool/equipment globally, with the knowledge that ii is safe and complies with relevant regulations.