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At BELFOR, we understand that time is critical when it comes to damage as a result of man-made or natural disasters. That's why we have a team of specialists and experts ready to help you restart your business in the shortest possible time and in the right way. Our resources and capabilities in the industrial area are second to none, and we have managed large and complex industrial recoveries all around the globe.

Are you affected by damage or loss?

Fire DamageWater DamageMould DamageNatural Disasters

Our Workflow

When a disaster strikes, BELFOR will quickly implement loss mitigation measures, as necessary, and may offer a wide range of recovery services to help the partner and customer resume their business operations in the shortest possible time.

IncidentSite InspectionQuotationLoss Mitigation & DecontaminationCompletion

What we offer?

Pre-incident Business SolutionPost-incident Disaster RecoveryOne-Stop-Shop Services

Your Reliable and Trusted Partner in Taiwan

Disasters can strike anytime, without warning, and can cause serious damage to your business. But, you don't have to suffer the consequences alone. You can turn a crisis into an opportunity and emerge from even the most devastating catastrophes with your operations intact with BELFOR, your reliable and trusted partner.


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