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In the 1990s, we were the first company to carry out the recovery of a wafer fabrication plant in Singapore following a fire incident. Since then, we have been involved in the recovery work of many global incidents.

We are familiar with semiconductor device manufacturing processes and have developed decontamination processes and procedures designed to meet the required stringent contamination limits. We conduct toxic parts decontamination for many semiconductor companies on a regular basis.

As semiconductor tools become more and more sophisticated, it can take as long as 2 years to obtain new replacement tools following a disaster incident. As a result, several of Asia’s largest semiconductor manufacturers have established pre-incident agreements with us. This effectively integrates our expertise into their risk management and disaster recovery processes.

We also provide Shipping, Compliance and Decontamination (SCD) services for semiconductor fabs cleanroom equipment, and have experience of completing this type of work with different types of cleanroom tools, in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Singapore.

In Taiwan, we are a member of the Semi Organisation (SEMI Taiwan) and a decontamination contractor for Applied Materials.