Drying & Dehumidification

Done correctly, structural drying is a science that weighs all pertinent variables - proper placement and amount of drying equipment, number of air exchanges per hour, how to track hidden moisture and how to recognize and document goal-attainment.

BELFOR technicians are trained in the science of drying (psychrometrics).  Sophisticated dehumidification and monitoring equipment along with highly-trained personnel ensure effective results and elimination of environmental concerns. Done properly and promptly, the drying process can virtually eliminate issues with mold growth and other contamination.

The design of a dehumidification project contributes greatly to its success. BELFOR’s Executive General Estimators™ and General Estimators™ understand the science of drying and how it dictates the decisions we make. Various types of construction - both materials and design - affect the design of a drying project.  As a General Contractor, BELFOR's knowledge of both drying and construction allow us to make the most beneficial choices for our clients.

Tracking Hidden Moisture

Each BELFOR office employs a vast array of drying equipment to address a variety of job sizes, to ensure the most efficient method is employed. Specialty moisture reading equipment is used by technicians to measure the effectiveness of the drying process and determine when materials have reached normal levels.

Our technicians are trained to seek out hidden water damage.  Water can be captured in building components and transported to seemingly unlikely places where, undetected, it can quickly turn into future problems.  

Aggreko Alliance 

Our exclusive partnership with Aggreko allows us to deploy power generation equipment on any single job and augment our own drying equipment with their vast arsenal during catastrophic events.  This partnership has allowed BELFOR to respond in high-demand situations, combining Aggreko’s additional resources with our drying expertise.