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Nick Bradshaw, General Manager
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Boise, ID 83705
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BELFOR Offices Recognized As Top Performers In The Northwest pointer

BELFOR offices in the Northwest have been recognized as Top Performers for the month of October on the Contractor Connection Northwest District Contractor Performance Report. BELFOR Boise had scores that put their office on the top of the General Contractor list for October and earned a Top 5 spot for overall performance. In Oregon, BELFOR Portland and Bend are on the Top General Contractor (GC) list and Springfield is a Top Mitigation performer.

Other accolades for BELFOR in the Northwest included BELFOR Portland and BELFOR Spokane being commended for having perfect scores in customer service. The Northwest team has been working hard to contact clients quickly and schedule work efficiently and cost-effectively. They have shown themselves to be skilled managers and technicians in a competitive region that consists of contractors in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

BELFOR Holds Boise Burnout Fundraiser pointer

BELFOR Boise recently held their annual fundraiser for the Burnout Fund and raised over $5,000 to help provide short term assistance to families whose homes are destroyed by fire. Nearly 100 people, including local industry professionals and 25 firemen, participated in the event.

The Boise Burnout Fund was established in 1964 by Boise Firefighters Local Union members during Fire Prevention Week. The organization donates cash to families so that they can get essential shelter, food and clothing.

BELFOR Supports Wounded Warrior Project pointer

Team BELFOR, aka the “Ash Avengers,” raised funds for the Oregon Tough Mudder Wounded Warrier project by participating in the Tough Mudder event, an 11-mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. Team BELFOR consisted of employees from Portland and Seaside, Oregon, Boise, Idaho, and their clients.

The Tough Mudder obstacle course is a test of strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. To date, Tough Mudder participants have raised more than $5 million to support the Wounded Warrior Project. Team BELFOR raised the most money for the Oregon Tough Mudder Wounded Warrior Project.

BELFOR Boise Defies Blizzard For Client pointer

Despite impassable roads, drifted with snow as far as the eye could see, BELFOR Boise Idaho was determined to stay on schedule at a fire-damaged residential site 90 miles from Boise. They had just one more day of mitigation before the construction phase could begin. Staying on schedule would allow the owners to come home sooner, saving them and their insurance carrier additional living expenses.

General Manager Nick Bradshaw and Project Manager Jeremy Crockett saw five feet of snow fall in 24 hours, and still planned to maintain their projected timelines. They each had snowmobiles and were experienced riders so they could easily envision an off-road caravan to the job site. Jeremy contacted the insurance carrier and proposed the out-of-the-box travel arrangement in order to get permission to proceed. The insurance carrier agreed to the well-thought-out solution. Four snowmobiles would be used to carry the crew and haul the equipment and materials to the home. In all, seven 8.5 mile trips were made by each snowmobile to keep the job on schedule.

Despite five feet of snow which had fallen in 24 hours, BELFOR Boise was given a job to do and they intended to finish it as scheduled. A fire-damaged home 90 miles outside of Boise was being worked on and to delay progress on the home would mean increased living expenses for the family and the insurance carrier. BELFOR Boise made innovative arrangements to help the work continue, using snowmobiles to transport the necessary equipment and materials to the home. We are proud to say it was completed on schedule.

BELFOR has been helping out families like the one mentioned above for years and is tirelessly devoted to accomplishing whatever task we are given. BELFOR provides emergency property restoration and reconstruction services for the Boise area. With a track record of rapid response and comprehensive services, BELFOR has become the contractor of choice for homeowners, businesses, governments, and property managers.

BELFOR is the “Single Source Solution,” offering 24/7 emergency response services including everything from mold remediation to salvaging property which has suffered fire or water damage. Our all-in-one package allows the most streamlined and cost-effective path to final restoration and getting things back to normal. Because BELFOR owns all their locations and is not a franchise, we are able to control quality and consistency of service in each of our 80 offices across the nation. BELFOR owns the largest fleet of remediation equipment in North America and has exclusive agreements with major suppliers of power generators and other specialized disaster recovery equipment. Whether your pipes have frozen in the cold Boise winters or you are in need of roof reconstruction, BELFOR has the resources and manpower to help you recover.