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Seoul, March 2nd, 2023 - Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance starts a service to minimize accident damages of their clients and support early recovery through MOU with BELFOR in Korea.

Support prompt resumption of clients’ business as well as ESG management through the expertise of both companies. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (CEO Hong Won hak) have signed a memorandum of understanding on "Emergency Recovery Service Partnership" with BELFOR Korea (Seo Jimong, Country Manager). Both companies will cooperate to create social value by supporting the reduction of customers' losses and the prompt resumption of business through the early recovery of damages caused by various risks, including natural disasters and fires. 

Under this agreement, BELFOR, the world wide’s leader in damage restoration, will provide accident investigation and dam-age diagnosis, emergency work to reduce damages, and decontamination and repair services for buildings and equipment in the event of accidents at the business premises of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance clients in Korea. 

Seo Jimong, Country Manager of BELFOR Korea, states, "We are pleased to provide Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance customers with BELFOR's emergency recovery services and loss reduction know-how. We will continue to explore ways to contribute to society through cooperation with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance."

Choi Jae-bong, head of the general insurance division of Sam-sung Fire & Marine Insurance, adds, "Safety management is an international norm that transcends the mega-trends of the industry and embraces the times," and states, "We expect that this agreement will contribute to our customers' safety management by minimizing their losses and supporting prompt business resumption."


BELFOR is the world's largest disaster recovery service company, with 550 branches operating in 57 countries worldwide, and performs more than 350,000 disaster recovery projects annually around the world. Based on its accumulated know-how through its long history and various project executions, 12.500 skilled employees provide damage reduction and loss recovery services in the event of accidents such as fires and natural disasters in various industries, including electronics, power generation, and chemicals. BELFOR supports clients in resuming their business in the shortest possible time.

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