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Our focus on organic growth has expanded our operations by more than 200% over the past ten years. Our offices are strategically located in areas that best serve our customers.

With our Asia headquarters in Singapore and 6 branch offices in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand, our coverage of Asia is comprehensive.

Singapore is home to our Asia headquarters office, workshop, warehouse and site kits. We provide centralised training programmes and services to customers throughout South East Asia. BELFOR Singapore offices

Based in Tokyo, our office, workshop, warehouse and site kits serve our customers throughout Japan. BELFOR Japan offices

Based in Seoul, our Korea office was established in 2017, serving customers throughout the Republic of Korea. BELFOR Korea offices

In China, we spearhead our operations and services via strategically located offices, workshops, warehouses and site kits located in Shanghai. BELFOR China offices

We operate an office, workshop, warehouse and site kits in Taipei, Taiwan. BELFOR Taiwan offices

Our Thailand office and warehouse in Bangkok supports our operations in Thailand and Vietnam. BELFOR Thailand offices


BELFOR Asia office
BELFOR Asia office location

BELFOR China - Shanghai

中国上海市松江高科技工业园九泾路128 弄1 号D 座,邮编:201615

Songjiang Qu
Shanghai Shi

BELFOR China - Shanghai

No. 1, Block D, Lane 128, Jiujing Road, Songjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Park
201615 Songjiang Qu Shanghai Shi
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