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At BELFOR, we have been passionate about delivering the highest level of service and quality to Insurers since 1993. We understand the ever-changing needs of the insurance claims sector, and have worked hard to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology to ensure that your policyholders receive the best possible experience.

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How BELFOR works with you?

After a disaster occurs, BELFOR is contacted by the insurance company. 

BELFOR will carry out an on-site preliminary inspection, following which immediate loss mitigation recommendations will be provided to the policyholder, and a proposal for recovery and resinstatment of equipment will be submitted for consideration by interested parties.

The restoration work starts immediately upon receiving an order from the policyholder. BELFOR is able to carry out surveys within 48 hours of a disaster and carry out restoration work as soon as possible.

How BELFOR works with you?

What we offer?

Disaster Recovery ServicesIndustrial Chemical Decontamination ServicesResearch & DevelopmentMarine & Offshore Restoration

Your Reliable and Trusted Partner in Singapore

Our commitment to working in close partnership with Insurers globally, means that we strive to align our objectives with yours to deliver a superior customer experience, reduce claim lifecycle costs and overall claim costs. With BELFOR, you can be sure that you are getting the best service and solutions.


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