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Pre-incident services RED ALERT®

Contamination, damage and resulting disruptions from disaster incidents are now an established risk to every business.

In the majority of disasters, business interruption and consequential damage are more serious than property losses. The disruption or cessation of business, loss of records, and the erosion of staff and customer confidence can be one-way and fatal. It is therefore crucial to re-establish your operational capability as quickly as possible.

With over 40 years experience in disaster recovery and business continuity, we have developed RED ALERT®, an international emergency priority response programme. While RED ALERT® cannot prevent these emergencies from occurring, we can limit the financial and personal repercussions to ensure your business is operational again within the shortest possible period of time.

Your response and actions during the first 24 to 48 hours of a disaster is critical in determining the full recovery of your business. The RED ALERT® programme is structured to complement your own emergency procedures and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to provide total disaster management.

Our RED ALERT® programme needs to be initiated with speed and effectiveness in order to:

  • Make the premises safe and secure and prevent further damage, in order to maintain the widest possible range of recovery options
  • Assess the extent of contamination and damage
  • Restore property (facility, building, equipment, machinery, documents and data) to full and safe working order

In summary, RED ALERT® provides you with:

  • Emergency service available via a dedicated emergency calling number 24/7
  • Expert assistance in emergency situations from major fires to widespread flooding
  • Rescue and protection of your assets from the moment the RED ALERT® team arrives at the site
  • On-the-spot damage assessment

By pre-engaging with us, you can eliminate lost hours / days after incidents occur, and be sure that recovery commences without delay.